Why Electric Vehicles will change the way we Commute?

Why Electric Vehicles will change the way we Commute?

Since a decade the pollution has remarkably increased with increased transportation and urbanization. Today we use vehicles for almost everything. From going office, to long road trips to even going to a neighborhood coffee shop, we travel by transport. This has caused an immense increase in CO2 in our atmosphere putting all our health at stake. There is an alarming need to curb carbon footprint and green gas effect. That has made many automobile companies explore deep to develop electric vehicles.

Electric vehicles

Electric vehicles are not anymore a thing of the future, it is happening now. The coming wave of electrification of vehicles will most definitely change the way we commute. The report by BNEF, says 57% of sales by 2040 will be of electric vehicles, which will include 31% of cars on roads and the rest of municipal buses and two-wheelers. The US might be a little slower to make the transition as compared to Europe and China due to its charging infrastructure.

Electric vehicles are definitely environmentally protective but they are also believed to be safer and simpler than fossil-fueled vehicles. Electric vehicles have been designed to empower the occupants with some of the best technologies. Some of them are vehicle to cloud connectivity, vehicle to vehicle connectivity, field-oriented control, geo-fencing, EBS(electronic braking system), kinetic energy recovery system, and sensors.

With the electrification and technology evolution, vehicles will not just be a hardware, but a software, and an experienced supplier too.

Geo-Tagging and Geo-Fencing

It no more is only a feature of phones or tablets; the whole new rapid haul has made it possible even in vehicles. A car tracker or Global Positioning System(GPS) has been successfully installed in vehicles which can help a driver reach the destination even faster with less fuel and improved security and safety by avoiding vehicle theft altogether.

Field Oriented Control (FOC)

This feature helps achieve torque even at zero acceleration. The feature also makes acceleration and deceleration possible for high performing motors which operate over a wide range of speed.

With all the high tech features, the cherry on the top is electric vehicles are low maintenance as compared to fossil-fueled vehicles. It comes with minimal maintenance of a charger, battery, and an electric motor. 

Mass transition to electric vehicles is extremely essential to curb the effects of global warming and to decarbonize society. And to support these various governments are coming up with many electric vehicle-friendly policies. China has come up with a favorable policy to support the ecosystem. U.K government has announced a ban on the sale of all fuel-run non-electric cars from 2035. Delhi government has also backed the electric vehicle policy to boost the sale by encouraging the use amongst its citizen.

There was a time when luxury came for a price and that was at the cost of our planet. However meticulous research and inventions have proven us wrong this time as well. Now we know that we could ride anything even at a cheaper rate, yet keep our concern for the planet. Lower long term maintenance and is better for the climate electric vehicles are the future, and that is now!

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