Solar Panel collects renewable energy. Nowadays, generating electricity from sunlight is more affordable. Solar arrays are often installed on the roof. Solar energy from the solar panel makes it possible for people to live in off-grid locations.


With the increasing popularity of solar panels, the cost is decreasing substantially in recent years. Across the globe, governments are taking multiple initiatives to promote these renewable sources of energy. They are doing this by giving tax benefits, several financial assistance, and many more.


Solar panel consists of a large number of solar cells/ Photovoltaic cells(PV cells). This is the PN junction diode which convert the photon from sunlight into electricity. It consists of 36 to 72 PV cells, each cell supplies 0.5v of power. Home solar system must be capable enough to provide enough electric energy for the traditional AC powered Appliances to operate.

Solar Photovoltaic Power System Diagram


It is of different types. Small size (module of size in Kw annually), mid-range (up to 10-15 MWp annually), large size. Even you can divide this on the basis of brand and its efficiency.

The drop in the cost of solar panels by 61.3% since 2010. This is due to the improvement in product and efficiency in manufacturing. 

The price of poly crystalline panels is between $0.40-0.65 per watt. And for a mono crystalline panel $0.65-0.90 per watt. Generally, the panel size of 300-350 watt is available in the market. Usually the price ranges from $546.71 to $8200.8 i.e.,  Rs.40,000 to Rs.6,00,000(INR). Though initially, the cost seems to be large, it saves money in the long term. These solar panels come with 5-10 years of warranty and service life of 20-26 years.

But with the solar panel, we need to consider other costs. They are wiring, inverter, racking, installation type  (Roof mounting or ground mount), micro/power optimizer.

Weather pattern and shading in the locality, interconnection cost, etc.

Every individual has their own need. This means the quality, quantity, and component varies based on the final design of the setup.

To take advantage of this renewable energy to the fullest one needs to install Solar appliances. These are home lighting system, solar fans, solar water pump, and other solar appliances. Because these appliances are much more efficient than traditional ones.


Solar power can be a blessing in changing rural life into urban life. And make more stable Families and livelihood. This is a safe, carbon foot Print free and green way of living life. People uses solar energy globally because it is free.

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