APS 5.3 Kw solar On-Grid Single Phase Inverter

APS 5.3 Kw solar On-Grid Single Phase Inverter

APS Solar Inverter: 5.3 Kw Solar On-Grid Single Phase

APS Solar Inverter

The APS 5.3 Kw solar On-Grid Single Phase Inverter from Australian Premium Solar (APS) is an efficient and reliable inverter for residential and commercial rooftop solar installations. This inverter converts DC power generated from solar panels into AC power that can be used for running household electrical appliances and lighting loads. It also allows any excess solar power to be exported to the electricity grid.

Some key features and benefits of the APS 5.3 Kw inverter are:

  • Rated power of 5300 Watts with 540V DC input voltage and single phase 230V AC output. Suitable for 5-6 kW solar panel arrays.
  • In-built MPPT algorithm ensures maximum power point tracking to optimize solar energy harvest. Conversion efficiency of up to 98%.
  • Compact and lightweight design with smart forced air cooling technology.
  • LCD display and wireless monitoring for operational data and alerts. RS485 communication ports.
  • Safety protections against over voltage, over current, short circuit, grid failure etc. Ensures smooth functioning.
  • Plug and play installation. Simple to operate with user-friendly interfaces.
  • Warranty of 5 years which can be extended.indicating reliability and durability.

However, there are some limitations of this inverter model:

  • Limited to single phase output only. Not suitable for large 3-phase power requirements.
  • Lack of integrated DC isolators. These need to be installed separately.
  • No integrated battery storage support. Requires additional equipment for solar storage.
  • Relatively large size and heavy weight compared to newer compact models.

In summary, the APS 5.3 Kw solar inverter provides a efficient, reliable and cost-effective solution for rooftop solar connectivity to the grid. It combines latest technology with safety and performance. For those looking to buy this inverter, it is available on zeropower.in at an attractive price along with warranty.

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