Solar energy power plant Ranchi plays a key role in generating energy as the demand for energy increases day by day due to the increase in population. This energy power plant Ranchi promotes the use of a renewable source of energy in the state. After that the cost of installation of the solar power plant is expansive but it is a one-time investment project. Moreover, It is an environmentally friendly source of energy. To fulfill the growing power energy requirement today renewable sources of energy play an important role. Moreover, this energy power plant not only provides energy but it also employs state members.

In Ranchi due to solar energy plant electricity availability will be ensured. Moreover, Government promotes renewable sources of energy for sustainable development. Also by use of solar energy the use of traditional energy reduces.

What is a solar energy power plant?

A solar energy power plant is a plant where solar energy is change into electricity using sunlight.

There are two types of solar power plants:

  1. Photovoltaic power plant: At first, in these power plants solar energy changes into electric energy using photovoltaic panels. A large number of panels are merge and install in optical configuration. This is solar park or solar farm. It works on the photoelectric effect. There are four basic components in it.
  2. Solar thermal power plant: This power plant uses sun heat. Solar thermal power plant high temperature is requiring for power plant. Sun energy is more. Glass mirror is use in power plants.

Working of solar energy power plant:

This energy power plant works on the photoelectric effect in this photon are absorbed by absorbing material and it releases a photon.

Advantages of solar energy power plants:

  1. Renewable source of energy:  solar energy is a renewable source of energy it can also renew again and again since it is a clean and environment-friendly source of energy not pollute our mother


  • One-time investment: it is a one-time investment source of energy installment is only expansive but after this cost is of energy is low.
  • Pollution-free: solar energy power plants do not pollute the environment. It is pollution-free

Source of energy

Long life span: this source of energy has a long life span. If we install it once we can use its source of energy for a longer period.

The disadvantage of solar energy power plants:

  • Expansive:  it is too expensive to install a normal middle-class family that cannot afford its installment cost.
  • Depends on the weather: This energy power plant depends upon the weather condition it works on a sunny day not work in cloudy and rainy days
  • Large space: a large space is requiring for the settlement of a solar energy power plant.


 In India, Ranchi is up the growing city in setting the solar plant in the city. And in the coming days, Ranchi will become a solar city. The central government promotes solar energy by providing grants and subsidies because it is a renewable source of energy. This energy is easily available on our mother earth. Moreover, In India Karnataka state has the highest solar energy in India.