Is solar our future? The sun releases sunrays on our earth. All the energy on our earth is directly or indirectly comes from the sun. We get this readily. This is renewable. One of the useful sources of energy on earth is solar power. But right now we are not using this completely. More dependence on that source of energy needs to be there. In earlier days, the expenses of extraction of sun energy were huge. It was comparatively not efficient. But day by day people is using this solar power. Solar energy gives solar power. The rate of production of solar power is increasing. We are moving towards technology. Due to this the cost of production of this power is also decreasing. The efficiency of the solar panel increases manifolds.


With time the cost of solar cells is decreasing. It has the capacity of converting sunlight into electricity. We are using more and more this renewable source of energy. The number of consumers and experts who can do the installation is increasing. These are the few reasons for which the price of this cells is decreasing. Now there is a bulk production in the this cells. Therefore, its installation is also increasing. This cells can do the conversion sun light into usable electricity. It has the material which captures the sunlight. This material is silicon. This is very popular. This is not so expensive. On the earth, it is found abundantly.


At present we need new designed solar cell. This should capture more sunlight. It should be able to convert more sun power into electricity. This needs to be more efficient. Besides this, it should be less expensive. People will use this cell more only if this is more efficient in producing electricity as compare to others. If it requires more expense in producing electricity from the non-renewable source of energy then people will surely move towards these cells. So the price of this cell should be less then only people will start using.

The first thing that we can do is to set the design of this cell in such a way that it captures more sunlight. We need to focus on the efficiency of this cells.

More efficiency means more conversion. The price needs to come down.  If the price falls then more installation will be there. More and more improvement is still needed in this field.


We all need to be very conscious regarding solar power. Major steps are still needed to make it more popular.