Renewable Energy vs. Fossil Fuel

Renewable Energy vs. Fossil Fuel

Renewable energy is emerging at a higher pace in the recent future from inexhaustible natural resources. On the other hand fossil fuel is losing its glory. Renewable energy comes from nature that can replenish in a quick span of time. They are solar energy, wind energy, Hydro energy, Biomass, thermal energy. While fossil fuel takes millions of year to replenish they are Coal, natural gas and Oil.


Although renewable energy are initially expensive but in long term it is cheap to use. Solar and wind energy produce for free. Fossil fuel requires constant cost for founding ,extracting, and transporting. Renewable energy is becoming more popular source of power with the improvement in technology and increase in efficiency. So clean energy can replace fossil fuel in the recent future.

With increase in time large corporations are becoming more aware of the environment issues. So investing more in the renewable energy sector.  In the near future the price will decrease even further. So that the renewable energy technology become accessible to consumers around the world.


Since Industrial revolution earth temperature is increasing alarmingly. This will results in melting of glacier and the increase in ocean water level. Fossil fuel is not only changing the temperature, but also emits unhealthy byproduct i.e. Pollutants which are adversely affecting human health.

Not only temperature and pollution Fossil fuel is changing the climatic conditions forming smog, in the metropolitan cities. On other hand clean energy produces nil or very negligible pollution. Solar and wind energy doesn’t emit any CO2.

Use of  this can bring a healthy, pollution free and comfortable environment for the upcoming generation  to live in. We need to remember this energy is easier to sustain, generation is cleaner and expanding at higher pace.

According to Forbes Renewable energy production beats Fossil fuel across Europe


Globally, governments are providing financial aids to set up these renewable power plants by giving subsidies, tax benefits and loans. They are doing this in the hope that more industries and general consumer switch to alternative sources of energy .

People believes fossil fuel is relatively more reliable than renewable power. But the reliability of clean energy depends on how energy will generate, where the plant is present. And how the energy stores. With constant development in technology and equipment the reliability of renewable power will go on increasing. 


       Though there has been   a sharp fall in the expense with fall in cost of the solar panel. It is by more than 60% since 2009 and wind turbines by 25-35% since 2008. Till date coal, oil and other Fossil are much cheaper than renewable one. But the demand of fossil fuel is at peak in the developing countries. This is pushing them towards the green and clean energy.

But with time along with developed countries, countries which are in the developing stages are also shifting. They are shifting towards the pollution free energy.  


 It will be a time taking process that in the near future whole mankind will shift towards the Renewable power. 

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